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Sherlock holmes

2010-01-01 18:28:47 by Jackie-Knife-Juggler

great movie. definitely worth the 10 bucks. Robert Downey Jr. did a teriffic job. Also i just learned that the movie Grown ups was filed on my buddy's lake. cool.


2009-06-21 16:37:10 by Jackie-Knife-Juggler

its happening.

its a trap

2009-03-27 16:37:32 by Jackie-Knife-Juggler

i am gonna animate. nothing top-notch, but i have photoshop cs3, which has an amateur animation program. hold on to ya' butts.

i wanna do somthin

2009-01-26 19:55:42 by Jackie-Knife-Juggler

i want to be a pat of the next sketchbook tour. i contacted luis 2wice. any other ideas?

ugh twilight

2008-12-21 17:17:36 by Jackie-Knife-Juggler

why. at first i thought it might be cool, but all i knew about it was vampires. then my sister got into it and she doesnt shut up aboutt it. now i know. the writing is horrible and it sounds like a preppy gothic twlve-year-old's diary. simply horrible

im bored

2008-11-25 11:37:33 by Jackie-Knife-Juggler

someone should do something about movies. There was nothing good playing at the theater the other day except new james bond.

listen to them


2008-08-27 18:11:14 by Jackie-Knife-Juggler

i just dont want schoul to start


2008-07-08 09:57:28 by Jackie-Knife-Juggler

im gettin a book flash soon i hope. i dont wanna suck when i start lol



2008-07-03 08:22:06 by Jackie-Knife-Juggler

i am gonna start animating, i just need a little more learning time